I Can't Install: Installous Connection Refused

The best thing about Installous is that it allows you to download applications without using the App Store. Acquiring apps is irrelevant if you cannot even install the app in the first place. Cydia, the application used to download Installous, is only available on jailbroken devices which aren't covered by Apple's warranty. Cydia is a Portable Operating System Interface based on UNIX. This is why the "Connection Refused" error is accompanied by the acronym: POSIX. You won't be able to download any packages through Cydia until the issue is resolved.

  1. Server Congestion

    • Sometimes Cydia refuses the connection simply because the servers cannot handle it. It is the package installer used most often in jailbreaking programs, so it has to accompany thousands of users. The servers time out when the server gets too much traffic, as it can only respond to a certain number of requests at a time. Launch Cydia and read the homepage to see if any timeouts have been reported.

    Repository Down

    • In addition to Internet traffic, Installous won't install if its source is down. Navigate to the Hackulous site (see Resources) to determine whether the home page opens. There may be information on the homepage or in the forums that address the issue if it's being experienced by a number of people. Server issues are usually addressed quickly so try again later in the day and you might be able to connect.

    Cydia Updates

    • Cydia runs a check the instant you launch it to see if anything is outdated. If you ignore it, you might have problems installing and starting apps as they are updated to fix an assortment of issues. Tap "Cydia" and wait for the "Busy" icon at the top to stop spinning. Tap the "Changes" icon at the bottom and then "Upgrade" to install. If Installous is shown in the "Available Upgrades list," the connection problem may be resolved after the upgrade.

    General Troubleshooting

    • You need to be connected to Wi-Fi or on a data plan during the Installation. Otherwise, Cydia won't be able to connect to anything. Double-tap the "Home" button and then press down on the "Cydia" icon until it starts to wiggle. Tap the minus sign on the icon to clear it from memory so it will re-load cleanly the next time you launch it. Hold down the "Power" and "Home" buttons simultaneously until the device restarts, then try again.

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