Red Carpet Party Ideas for Kids

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Red carpet party themes can be a fun background for a child's birthday party.

A kid's birthday party is a fun event to share with family and friends. It is a chance to focus on a favorite sport, cartoon character or hobby and use your child's interests to create a party theme. For kids who enjoy the movies or fashion, a red carpet party can be a fun party idea and give inspiration to food, decorations, invitations and much more.

  1. Costume Party Themes

    • Let your guests transform themselves into celebrities by having a costume party. Ask partygoers to come dressed as their favorite actor, actress or cartoon character. As they arrive, have them walk a red carpet into the house or party room. For a party game, have the children act out a scene from a movie that features their celebrity. If you child likes a particular movie, request that guests come dressed as a character from that specific movie. For example, if your child likes "The Wizard of Oz," children can come dressed as Dorothy, the Tin Man or the Lion. Give out awards such as best costume or most creative.

    Movie Themes

    • If your child loves the movies, a cinema-themed slumber party is a fun way to incorporate the red carpet. Have partygoers arrive in creative or glitzy pajamas and walk the red carpet holding their favorite teddy bear or slippers. If the weather allows, consider renting an outdoor movie projector and screen and incorporate a 1950s drive-in feel to the occasion. Movie selections can be from Oscar nominated best animated films or best music. Favors can include glitzy popcorn bowls that children can use during the film for snacks.

    Fashion Designer Themes

    • The red carpet is known for highlighting famous designers and inspiring fashion trends. If your child is an aspiring designer, use the red carpet theme to show off their talents. Purchase fabric markers and paint and let the kids create their own shirts or dresses. Also consider buying beads so partygoers can design their own jewelry. Use the red carpet to show off the outfits and award prizes for creativity and style. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate charitable giving. Ask the kids to design two items of clothing, one to keep and one to donate to a shelter or other organization that collects clothing for children in need.

    Night at the Movies

    • Since Hollywood and the red carpet go hand-in-hand, bring the party to a local movie theater. Many local theaters offer private party rentals. For example, Clearview Cinemas with theaters in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, offer party packages that include private screenings, having your child's name on the marquee, movie-themed invitations and refreshments. Ask your guests to dress up as if they were attending a Hollywood premier. If the theater allows, bring a piece of material to symbolize the red carpet that guests can walk on as they enter the theater.

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