Goodbye Party Ideas for the Workplace

Individuals tend to change careers or workplaces numerous times over the course of their lives, which means that virtually every organization needs to come up with goodbye party ideas for the workplace on a fairly regular basis. The specific goodbye party ideas you choose should be based on how long an individual has been with the company and how deeply enmeshed he has become with his coworkers.

  1. Planning

    • Regardless of the type of goodbye party you throw, it will take a lot of planning with your colleagues to pull it off. Use the full force of your interoffice communication tools to pull your sendoff together. Send email invitations to everyone in your department, use memos to delegate specific party duties and responsibilities among coworkers, and send reminder alerts as the day of the event draws near.

    The Roast

    • If your colleague has been a part of your office long enough to establish deep, meaningful relationships, there is likely enough mutual respect accrued to throw a roast party without causing offense. Have your coworkers gather to share funny stories, jokes and snide remarks about the individual moving on from your office. Pepper your roast with sentimental and heartfelt words of appreciation for your coworker to keep things balanced and fun.

    Picnic Sendoff

    • Get out of the office for a few hours and send your coworker off via a picnic in a nearby park. Pack simple lunch items such as salads, fruit, sandwiches and sodas. Spread out a blanket and enjoy the sunshine. If you are feeling really adventurous, break out a pinata and take turns whacking it blindfolded. The point of a picnic sendoff is to interact outside of the office, on a human level, in a natural setting.

    Bar Blast

    • One really simple goodbye party idea to plan is to have all of your coworkers meet at a nearby bar right after work on your colleague's last day in the office. Have a drink, share a few laughs and let the individual who is leaving know that you have enjoyed working with her. If you are lucky, you might even get to play a few games of darts or pool during your goodbye party.

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