Job Descriptions & Duties For an Administrator of a Trucking Company


The role of the administrator of a trucking company is to oversee the daily operations of the company. A trucking company has to meet many deadlines, and the administrator helps to ensure that all deliveries and other aspects of the company’s operations occur without delay. Specifically, the duties of a trucking company administrator include dealing with aspects of finance, marketing, human resources and management.

As a Manager

The administrator watches over managers to ensure performance within the organization. The administrator coordinates the efforts of all mangers and department heads to meet the goals of the company. Additionally, the administrator of a trucking company will implement and assess strategies and objectives within the organization. The administrator also serves as a liaison between the trucking company and other entities that deal with the company. An effective administrator will build relationships that improve the standing of the company with customers and other businesses.


Trucking requires experience in logistics. An administrator of a trucking company must understand how to coordinate the logistics of the company’s destinations and delivery hubs. Additionally, the administrator will commonly meet with personnel from regulatory agencies to ensure that the company is not in violation of the many transportation rules and regulations. For example, the Department of Transportation makes regular inspections of trucking companies, and the trucking company administrator will serve as the liaison for these inspections.


The trucking industry operates under strict regulations regarding drivers and operations. These regulations include the number of hours drivers can stay on the road, the stipends the drivers receive, hazardous material certifications and proper maintenance of vehicles. The administrator will make sure the company complies with all regulations.


Another important role for a trucking company administrator is to try to get more customers for the company by coordinating efforts with the trucking company’s marketing department. Since the administrator has responsibility for many aspects of the company, coordination with the marketing department can help to ensure that everyone within the company operates on the same page. The administrator should provide both support and supervision to the marketing efforts of the trucking company.

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