Five Dollar Gift Exchange Ideas

Don't stress over a $5 gift exchange because you believe it's impossible to get an appropriate gift for that amount of money. That's simply untrue. There are many gifts you can give that are inexpensive and pleasing. You may have to invest some time in shopping, but you can get a gift that will put a smile on the face of the recipient.

  1. Food Gifts

    • Buy a gourmet food item, such as a specialty butter or honey for $5 or less. You may find this item at your local grocery store or gift store. Alternatively, buy a teacup or mug for a couple of dollars at a discount store and place some specialty tea bags inside. You can tempt the sweet tooth of the recipient. Buy an inexpensive mug and fill it with chocolate candy or hard candy.

    Gift Cards

    • A $5 gift card may not go a long way in today's world, but it can bring a little cheer to the recipient. For instance, buy a coffee lover a gift card to a local coffee shop. Alternatively, get a $5 bookstore gift card. The recipient can buy a bargain book, magazine or simply use the gift card towards a larger purchase. You can even purchase a $5 gift card to a local fast food place if the recipient enjoys fast food.


    • Puzzles and crossword books are pleasing for the person who likes to entertain himself at home or when traveling. Alternatively buy a deck of cards. You may be able to get the movie lover on your list a classic movie. Many stores now have bargain movie bins containing $5 movies, so shop around. You never know what you may find. Alternatively, look for bargain CDs.


    • Buy a photo album for the person who takes a lot of pictures. Go to your local dollar store or craft store. There are many small photo albums for $5 and under. Buy an inexpensive pair of work gloves for the garden lover. You can find gloves for $5 at many discount or department stores. Don't forget to add a bag of plant or flower seeds as well. Alternatively, buy something for the wine lover on your list, such as an inexpensive wine tote bag.

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