How to Get Rid of Sticky Armpits


Sticky armpits are a nuisance and often cause embarrassment. While the sticky sensation is usually after sweating, it still can be bothersome and uncomfortable. Every person has a different chemistry makeup in their body, which can lead to different amounts of perspiration and odor. Cosmetic products are available to combat odor and sweat, but eliminating sticky armpits may be more difficult. Often there is an unknown reason for sticky armpits.

  • Bathe regularly and well. Taking regular showers or baths helps resolve underarm odor and sweat. This is important because sweat builds up if not washed away, and causes stickiness to increase. Avoid using body washes that have too many perfumes or additives. These products can sometimes leave a residue behind that lead to sticky armpits later in the day.

  • Apply an antiperspirant every day. This product is made with ingredients that cut down on sweating. Apply under the arms where sweat is most common. Preventing the armpits from becoming sticky may be the solution you need. If an over-the-counter antiperspirant does not help, a prescription strength may be needed. Always follow the directions on the bottle and do not over-apply, as this may cause a residue to stay in the armpits. Stronger antiperspirants may even be applied at night to prevent sweating, resulting in feeling fresh in the morning.

  • Remove hair by either shaving or waxing, which reduces the amount of hair under the arms and prevents any sticky sensation that might form. The skin under the arm is rather sensitive, so choose wisely between hair removal methods and seek professional help. Irritation can occur from many hair removal methods and is not recommended for everyone.

  • Apply rubbing alcohol instead of deodorant to the armpits. A natural drying agent, rubbing alcohol can easily be sprayed or wiped under the armpits several times a day. The bacteria that grows under the arms is what causes odor and leads someone to use deodorant. Many common deodorants leave armpits sticky and never dry. Alcohol dries almost instantly and can even be mixed with an essential oil for a nice scent. Be aware that using rubbing alcohol after shaving the hair under the armpits, may cause irritation and possibly pain.

Tips & Warnings

  • Any product overused does not work properly.
  • Avoid lotions or other perfumes under the arms.
  • Schedule a visit with a health professional if the problem persist. Sticky armpits may be a sign of a more serious condition.

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