How to Cut & Paste Faces Onto Different Bodies for the iPod Touch


After you use the built-in camera on your iPod Touch to take a picture of two or more people, you can entertain yourself (and maybe them) by cutting and pasting their faces onto different bodies. The iPod Touch has a touch-sensitive display and two built-in cameras for taking pictures. It connects to Apple's App Store over Wi-Fi, so you can search for and download apps to manipulate faces in your photos.

Taking Pictures with the iPod Touch

  • Press the "Home" button under the iPod Touch's multi-touch display. Tap the "Camera" icon to launch the device's native photo-taking app.

  • Touch the slider and drag it to the left until it is under the icon of a camera -- this sets the app to photo mode.

  • Tap the icon of the camera at the top of the display to toggle between using the camera on the front and the camera on the back.

  • Tap the red circle at the bottom of the screen to take a picture, which automatically saves to the iPod Touch's Camera Roll.

Faceover Lite

  • Tap the "Faceover Lite" icon on the home screen to launch the app. Tap "Get Started," and then tap the icon of a folder. The Camera Roll screen appears. Tap a photo album to select it. Thumbnails of the photos appear.

  • Tap the thumbnail of a photo to open it in Faceover Lite. Drag the face-shaped grid over a face, and then drag the grid's curved arrows if you need to rotate it to match the head's orientation.

  • Drag the grid's straight arrows to enlarge or reduce the grid, and then press the center of the grid. Tap "Copy" from the pop-up menu.

  • Drag the face-shaped grid over the face of another person, press the center of the grid, and then tap "Paste" from the pop-up menu to paste the copied face onto a different body.

FaceShift Lite

  • Tap the "FaceShift Lite" icon on the home screen to launch it. Tap "Choose Existing Photo," tap an album in the Camera Roll, and then tap the thumbnail of a photo to open it.

  • Touch the screen to add a face mask, and drag it to cover a person's face. Touch and drag an arrow on the mask to make it smaller or larger.

  • Touch the screen to add a second mask, and position it as you did for the first face. Shake the iPod Touch. The app senses when you shake the device, which triggers it to swap the two faces you've covered with masks.

iSwap Faces LITE

  • Tap the "iSwap Faces LITE" icon on the device's home screen to launch the app. Tap "Load," tap "Open Photo," and then tap an album in the Camera Roll. Thumbnails of the album's pictures appear.

  • Tap a photo to open it. Two grids appear above the photo. Touch one grid and drag it until it is positioned over one person's face.

  • Drag the grid's curved arrows to rotate it, and drag the straight arrows to change the size of the grid. Repeat this process for a second face in the photo.

  • Tap the icon of a double-headed arrow to automatically swap the two faces.

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