How Do I Get Each Character in Star Ocean Second Evolution?


"Star Ocean: Second Evolution" is a role playing video game for play on the PlayStation Portable handheld gaming device released by game developer Square Enix. It is a remake of the game Star Ocean: Second Story, originally released for the first PlayStation gaming console. In the game, there are a variety of characters that can be added to your party, each with their own unique attributes. In order to get some characters to join your party, you may need to participate in "Private Action" or "PA" events. These are story-centric events that you will automatically be prompted to participate in.

  • Begin the game to get Rena and Claude. These are the default characters.  

  • Head to the city of Krosse after you have received the traveling permit to get Celine to join your party.

  • Speak to the chief in the village of Ell to get Leon. You will have a choice to have him join you, or leave him in the village.

  • Get Welch to join your party by selecting the PA option offered when you head to the city of Laucer. This must be done after you have completed the Armory Contest mission, but before you have completed the quest put upon you by Bowman.

  • Complete Bowman's quest of the Sacred Grounds of Linga in order for Bowman to join your group. Speak with Bowman at his pharmacy in the town of Linga to start this quest, and when completed, bring him all of the herbs that you have collected. He will join your group after that. Bowman cannot be acquired if you recruit Precis first, so you should recruit him first.

  • Get Precis by traveling to the town of Linga. Upon entering, you will see a scene with her and her robot. Exit the town and then re-enter. Upon re-entering, you will be presented with a PA, which you should select. Head to the outside of Bowman's pharmacy to find her. If you do not have Bowman in your party, recruiting Precis will make it so you cannot recruit him, so recruit Bowman first.

  • Recruit Noel when you get your Psynard (the flying creature that you can use to traverse to previously non-traversable areas) in the Crimson Cave. He offers to join after you go to leave the Crimson Cave.

  • Prepare to recruit Chisato by going to the city of Energy Nede and meeting the mayor. Head to the center square, where you will see Chisato run away. Later, make your way to North City, where you will run into her once more. Then when you get your Psynard in the Crimson Cave, you bump into her once more. This time, she will drop her card before she departs. Use the Psynard to head to Centropolis and speak with the mayor. Head up to the second floor of the mayor's house to finally recruit Chisato.

  • Wait until the point in the game when the conference has begun to recruit Dias. Select your main character as "Rena" and go to Laucer city and head to the Front Line Base. You will find him in the General Store.

  • Acquire Opera by heading to Langus Mountain and defeating the monster that is terrorizing the trade route there. After defeating the monster, head to the town of Marze and upon entering, you will be offered a PA, which you should accept. Next head to the town of Krosse and accept the PA offered there, as well. After that, head to the castle and speak to the three-eyed man. Head to the town of Hilton and enter the bar there. Head back to the town of Krosse and upon entering, choose the option to ask for permission to go to the Mountain Palace. Here you will find Opera, but will not be able to add her to your party until you return to the Mountain Palace a second time. Opera cannot be acquired if you already have Ashton, so you should acquire Opera first.

  • Select "Opera" as your main character and head to the Sacred Forest to find her ship, during which you will find Ernest. Once you complete the mission of finding her ship, he will join your party. Ernest cannot be acquired if you already have Ashton, so you should acquire Ernest first.

  • Go to the town of Harley to start the mission that will result in Ashton joining your party. Speak to the old man at Harley's outskirts. Head to the town of Salva and enter the mines. Search for the sign warning you about dragons. Follow the path that it says not to go down. You will eventually reach Ashton. Acquire Ashton after you already have Opera and Ernest, or you will not be able to get these characters.

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