How to Apologize to My Mom


Apologizing to your mom is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Apologizing effectively is especially challenging when you do not know how your mom will react. Taking the time to explain yourself and ensuring that whatever you did will not happen again will help. When apologizing, remain sincere and open minded, especially when receiving feedback about the original problem or about your actions.

  • Acknowledge your actions that require an apology by accepting your mistake. Explain to your mom why you did what you did or said what you said. Do not be afraid to open up to your mom and explain your emotions behind these actions.

  • Tell her of any unrelated events, such as a stressful final exam or a past due bill, which may have had you on edge during the conversation or event. Avoid turning these reasons into excuses by trying to justify the way you acted.

  • Avoid suggesting that the problem was her fault. Accept responsibility for your actions or words and it is likely she will do the same. Avoid any subsequent arguments by eliminating the blame game from the apology altogether.

  • Listen to any input your mom may give you concerning the situation. Regardless of whether it is positive or negative input, listen intently and take mental notes. This might give you ideas for improving your actions in the future.

  • Accept that you will not always receive an apology in return. Even if you feel you should get one, you cannot force an apology from someone who does not feel at fault.

  • Try to move on from the situation by getting it out of the way and not bringing it back up. Consistently focusing on the original problem or on your actions will not allow your relationship with your mom to progress. Some situations take time to overcome, attempt to focus on new activities or conversational approaches.

  • Avoid repeating the behavior that calls for your apology. Continue to build rebuild the trust in your relationship with your mom by not acting in the same manner.

  • Back up your apology by doing things for her or expressing your love for her.


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