How to Do Triple Overdrive in "Final Fantasy X"


In "Final Fantasy X," when your characters go into overdrive they can use special attacks much more powerful than their standard attacks once the "Overdrive Gauge" is full. To fill your gauge up to three times more quickly than usual, you'll need to find and use 30 "Winning Formulas" on each weapon you want to equip with the "Triple Overdrive" feature. There are two methods to get "Winning Formulas."

  • Go to the Monster Arena on the eastern side of the Calm Lands. Fight the monsters until you reach "Ultima Buster." Kill this monster to receive two "Winning Formulas." You can kill this monster repeatedly and get two "Winning Formulas" each time, but Ultima Buster has five million hit points and is difficult to beat.

  • Travel to the Sanubia Desert on Bikanel Island. This is a large island on the western section of the game map. Be sure Rikku has the "Bribe" ability. Explore the island until you run across a "Sand Worm" in a random encounter.

  • Select "Bribe" at the start of the battle with the Sand Worm. You can bribe Sand Worms for 15 "Winning Formulas" at a time by offering them 900,000 gil.

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