How to Make a Singing Group With Girls

Singing in a girl group can be a great social and musical experience. Whether your singers will be an A Capella group, a rock band, or just friends having fun, forming a girl group can be an easy and rewarding process.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Flyers or other advertisement
  1. Instructions

    • 1

      Figure out what sort of music your group will perform.

    • 2

      Create flyers and advertisements to attract members. You can hold auditions at a designated time, or have the prospective members schedule their own times. An online classifieds site can also be a great place to advertise. Talented friends can also make a great addition to a singing group.

    • 3

      Write songs, have a friend write songs, or decide on songs that your group might like to cover.

    • 4

      Practice and rehearse to perfect rhythm and intonation. Continue to practice until your group has formed a cohesive sound.

    • 5

      Arrange performances. You can try calling local coffee houses and bars, or arranging joint performances with other bands that you know.

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