How to Draw a Seagull


Seagulls are often thought to be an annoyance, with their loud, obnoxious calls and their tendency to swoop down and steal food. However, you can enjoy a seagull's company much more when it remains still and silent---as an object drawn on paper. In order to draw a seagull, you should use regular shapes to help you form the body of the bird. Once the drawing is complete, you will erase the shape guidelines to reveal your finished work of art.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Reference photo
  • Draw a circle shape for the head and directly beneath that draw a second slightly larger circle which will be the bird's chest. Draw a rounded cone shape that extends from the bottom of the second circle down to the right side.

  • Draw a line that extends from the topmost circle, out towards the left. This will be the beak of your bird. Draw two more lines to serve as the feet---these should come from the bottom of the rounded cone and point outwards, to the left side of the page.

  • Connect the two circles with two curved lines to form the neck of your bird and draw in a wing shape on the upper half of your cone and bottom circle. The wing should be shaped like an oval, with two pointed ends. Be sure to draw a feather line at the bottom of the wing.

  • Draw a large circular eye in the topmost circle of the bird's head and a smaller eye that extends from the other side of the bird's face. Also, draw in a beak around the line shape already in place. The beak should be a long, with a slightly pointed tip, and extend underneath the eye of your seagull. Be sure to draw a line to separate the upper and lower beak.

  • Draw a feather line that extends from the seagull's neck, along the belly of the bird. Add a few ruffles in the line to resemble feathers.

  • Color the inside circle of the bird's most prominent eye and add feather details on the wing. Draw elongated oval feathers to add definition to the seagull's wing. Finally, draw the bird's feet, using the two bottom sticks as a guideline. Seagull's have two forward facing toes, and one backwards facing toe---be sure to point the ends so the feet resemble talons.

  • Erase all the unnecessary guidelines and go over your drawing with darker lines to emphasize the seagull's shape.

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