How to Write a Letter in an Attempt to Get Back a Customer

Write an apology letter to try to win a customer back.
Write an apology letter to try to win a customer back. (Image: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Losing a customer is an unfortunate circumstance that happens in businesses every day. When a business loses a customer, the business often attempts to get him back by writing him an apology letter. Businesses lose money when customers stop purchasing the goods and services offered. If your business loses a customer due to dissatisfaction, try writing him a letter. Make the letter personal, kind and brief. Offer an apology and say the appropriate words to regain his loyalty and business.

Use company letterhead. When you write a letter to get back a customer, use company letterhead and type it using a word processing program. Include the date on the top of the letter along with the customer’s name and address.

Address the letter. Write the letter in a personal manner, using the customer’s name and the word “Dear” in the salutation. Let the customer know that you value him and his business individually by keeping the letter personal.

Apologize in the beginning of the letter. When a business loses a customer, it is often because the customer is dissatisfied for some reason. It may be due to customer service issues, quality of goods and services or pricing concerns. Include the precise reason, if you know it, that the customer has stopped using your business. Be sincere and let the customer know that you are truly sorry and that this is not a reflection of your normal business standards. If there is no obvious reason that the customer stopped utilizing your business, there is no need for an apology. Instead, tell the customer that you miss her and that you hope she will again use your services in the future.

Offer amends. Propose something to the customer to make the situation right. You can offer a free service, a percentage off a sale, free shipping or a free gift. Make sure the offer is something that will significantly impact the customer.

Thank the customer. Offer thanks and gratitude to the customer for the years she has done business with your company. Tell the customer that you hope she will reconsider her decision and assure her that in the future your goods and services will satisfy her. Leave your phone number, direct extension and email address and ask her to call you if she has any comments, concerns or questions.

Close the letter. Sign the letter “Sincerely” followed by your name.

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