How to Tune a Lincoln Navigator


Luxury automobile manufacturer Lincoln introduced the Navigator to consumers for the 1998 model year. Throughout its history and multiple generations, the Navigator has featured two versions of the 5.4L V8: a Triton, single overhead-cam, or SOHC, design and an Intech DOHC type. Until the 2006 model year, the Navigator came standard with a four-speed, automatic transmission, while drivers could upgrade to a six-speed. For 2007, this vehicle moved to featuring a six-speed, automatic transmission for all models. Despite the model year, all Lincoln Navigators require the same tune-up scheduling to maintain proper operations.

Things You'll Need

  • 5W/30 Motor Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Jack and Jack Stands
  • Wrench Set

Oil and Oil Filter

  • Position the oil recycling container beneath the oil pan of the Navigator. Engine oil must be disposed of in a proper manner. Consult your local dealer for help if needed.

  • Take the plug of the oil pan out and let all of the oil drain into the recycling container. Replace the plug once all oil has completely drained.

  • Unscrew the old filter with the correct wrench size.

  • Add motor oil to the new filter until it is about 2/3 full. Adding more will cause oil filter to overflow and potentially leak.

  • Hand-screw the new oil filter into place until tight.

  • Add motor oil to the engine's oil compartment until 2/3 full. Check the oil dipstick for levels and add more oil as necessary.

Spark Plugs and Wires

  • Pull the wires that connect to the spark plugs by the boot with the wire puller. It is recommended to perform these next steps one at a time to avoid confusion with ignition connection.

  • Inspect the spark plugs and corresponding wires for any damage or corrosion. It is much cheaper and more effective to replace plugs completely rather than trying to clean or repair.

  • Remove any plugs and wires as necessary. Use the necessary wrench size and turn the spark plugs counter-clockwise to remove. Discard parts properly.

  • Use your hand to install the new spark plugs and wires for best results.

  • Connect the proper wires back to the necessary spark plugs. Repeat steps for each spark plug as needed.

Tire Rotation

  • Use the tire iron to loosen the lugnuts on each wheel of the Navigator.

  • Use the provided jack to lift the Navigator off the ground at each wheel. Place a jack stand behind the front wheels, on the frame, and in front of the rear wheels.

  • Continue removing the bolts at each wheel with the tire iron. Remove each wheel once completely unbolted.

  • Move both rear wheels to the front of the vehicle, keeping both tires on the same side as before. Front wheels should be crossed to the opposite side of the vehicle when moved to the rear axle.

  • Bolt the wheels back onto the vehicle using the same lugnuts. Raise each side of the vehicle, remove the jack stands, and lower onto the ground.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wear gloves while performing engine work with wrench set
  • Disconnect the engine battery before performing any engine work

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