How to Recruit the Characters From Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

"Star Ocean 2: Till the End of Time" is a role-playing game that takes players across the galaxy to visit various planets and battle foes with swords, magic and technology. Of the 10 available characters, 8 can be made permanent members of your group. Two of these selections are completely up to you and require that you take certain actions to recruit successfully. The other 6 join you whether you want them to or not.


  1. Recruiting Albel

    • 1

      Albel joins the party in Airglyph, after the first Vendeeni attack. He is appointed by his king to do so, and you have no choice but to accept his company.

    • 2

      While spending the night in Peterny, just before going to the Lava Caves, you are asked "Do you hate me?" Answer "No."

    • 3

      Before going to Moonbase for the first time, Albel will be one of the characters you can select to join you.

    • 4

      If you don't choose him for the initial trip to Moonbase, you can recruit him by beating him in a duel in the caves where you fought Crossel.

    Recruiting Roger

    • 5

      Meet Roger in Duggus Forest, where he is trapped and requests your assistance.

    • 6

      Choose to free Roger, and he joins your party temporarily.

    • 7

      Later in the game, you run into Roger in Surferio. He asks for your help again, this time for the Seven Ancient Books quest.

    • 8

      When the quest is finished, you can make Roger a permanent member of your party just before you go to Moonbase for the first time.

    • 9

      If you do not choose Roger to go to Moonbase with you, he can be recruited in Surferio if Peppita Rossetti isn't in your party.

    Recruitting Peppita Rossetti

    • 10

      Encounter Peppita in Hydra IV, just before the Vendeeni attack. She joins your party while trying to escape the attack.

    • 11

      Peppita later leaves the party and returns to her troop.

    • 12

      She appears again before your initial trip to Moonbase, at which time you can choose to bring her with you.

    Recruiting Nel

    • 13

      Nel becomes a temporary part of your group in Airglyph, when she helps your break out of prison.

    • 14

      You have a chance to return the favor later in the game. She becomes captured at the Kirlsa Training facility, and you free her as part of the storyline.

    • 15

      You can choose to have her join your party just before leaving for Moonbase, as well.

    • 16

      If you don't take her to Moonbase, she can be found later at the Sacred City of Aquios. Start a conversation with her, and you will be given two possible answers to choose from. Choose the second one, and she will join you.

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