How to Flatten a Stomach Without a Tummy Tuck


While the tummy tuck is a quick way to get a flat stomach, it has several disadvantages. Tummy tucks leave obvious scars and often result in awkward-looking belly buttons. In addition, the tummy tuck is a risky procedure and can cause medical complications. For those wanting a flat stomach, there is a safer method for attainment than the tummy tuck. The safest way to get a natural flat stomach is through proper exercise and diet.

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Step 1

Reorganize your meal structure. Most people tend to eat three large meals per day. In order to increase your metabolism and burn more fat, you should arrange your meal schedule to where you are eating six smaller meals per day.

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Step 2

Focus on eating high-fiber and high-protein foods. These foods will allow you to feel full on fewer calories. It will be easy for you to maintain a diet focused on high-fiber and high-protein foods since your body will not feel hungry until it truly needs food. Some examples of foods that will help you in your goal to lose tummy fat are nuts, legumes, green vegetables, eggs, turkey, olive oil, oats, other cereals and berries.

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Step 3

Minimize alcohol intake. Drinking too much alcohol during the week puts extra calories on your body, which can lead to a larger stomach. Limit your drinking to three drinks per week at most.

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Step 4

Exercise three days per week. Each exercise session should last at least 20 minutes. For a flat stomach, aim for one strength-training exercise, one aerobic exercise and one set of abdominal exercises. You can do these exercises separately, though it is best to attempt to fit in the abdominal exercises into every workout, as this is the area in which you hope to gain the most progress.

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Step 5

Focus on the lower abdominal area while doing abdominal exercises. Many people’s sagging tummy stems from a buildup of fat in the lower abdominal region. There are many exercises that can help you lose the fat in this region. Some useful exercises to use are pelvic thrusts, leg lifts and ab circuits.

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Step 6

Maintain your diet and exercise routine. You should continue this routine for at least six weeks. There should be noticeable progress after six weeks. You may feel tempted to skip an exercise or overeat. It is okay to do this on occasion, but make it a rule not to skip an exercise or overeat more than once per week. Breaking this routine will lower your metabolism, which in turn will lower fat reduction in the stomach.

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Tips & Warnings

  • You may want to hire a personal trainer if you need advice on how to exercise.


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