How to Upgrade PC-BSD

PC-BSD is a free, open source operating system that is a customized version of the FreeBSD operating system, with installers and software designed for normal desktop use. PC-BSD receives normal security patches through its update program, but the program can't upgrade to a new operating system release. When a new version of PC-BSD is released, you can download the new installer and perform an upgrade install, which keeps your existing settings, home folder files, user accounts and installed programs.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank DVD


    • 1

      Download the ISO image file of the new PC-BSD version from PC-BSD's website (see Resources).

    • 2

      Insert the blank DVD into your PC-BSD computer's DVD drive. Right-click the ISO image file on your computer, click "Burn" in the right-click menu and follow the instructions on your screen to burn the PC-BSD installer to DVD.

    • 3

      Restart PC-BSD with the installer DVD in the disk drive. Press "Enter" to boot the installer and click "Next" twice to accept the default English language and U.S. keyboard settings. Click "Upgrade."

    • 4

      Click your PC-BSD system in the list, then click "Keep Current Users Desktop Configuration" to keep your files. If you don't click this check box, your home folder's files will be deleted by the installer. You can't recover them after they're deleted.

    • 5

      Click "Next." Select programs to install on the components screen by clicking them in the list and clicking the right arrow button. Click "Next." Review the changes on the summary screen and click "Next" again.

    • 6

      Remove the DVD from your computer's DVD drive when you see the "Installation Complete" screen. Click "Finish."

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