Step-by-Step Folding Instructions for Mandala Tie Dye


The Mandala tie-dye pattern looks difficult and may prove intimidating for those considering the Mandala star for the first time. Folding the material for the star is far less complicated than the final product would lead you to believe. Whether dyeing a silk square or a cotton T-shirt, the same basic procedure will yield a brilliant Mandala star.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric square or T-shirt
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Washable marker
  • Straight edge
  • String or rubber bands
  • Spritz the material and smooth out the wrinkles with your hands. Repeat this process with each fold.

  • Fold the material in half horizontally and then again vertically.

  • Locate the folded corner of the quartered material, which is the center of the material when unfolded. Call this Point A. Fold the material along the diagonal running from Point A to the opposite corner.

  • Fold the material in half one more time along the line running from Point A to a point halfway between the two other corners.

  • Use a straight edge and a washable marker to draw lines diagonally from one long side to the opposite long side of the folded triangle. For a better idea of how to draw the diagonal lines, measure and mark a spot along the left side of the triangle 5 inches from Point A. Measure and mark a spot along the right side 2 or 3 inches from Point A. Using the straight edge, connect the two spots. Repeat the line every 2 inches or so, depending on how far apart you want the color strips of your mandala star.

  • Fold the material in an accordion fashion along each of the lines. To form an accordion fold, carefully pinch the material together so it alternates up and down, forming several W's along the width of the material. Keep each fold at or under an inch for thick materials if it does not prove too bulky, and under a half inch for thin materials.

  • Bind the material by tying string or wrapping a rubber band around each line as you complete the accordion fold in that area. Continue until all lines are folded and bound.

Tips & Warnings

  • String or natural sinew are more effective than rubber bands.

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