How to Recycle a Refrigerator for Scrap Metal

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Recycling old scrap metal can result in extra cash. This might motivate you to recycle an old refrigerator for scrap metal, rather than send it to a landfill. If you need more motivation, think about how you’ll be helping the environment, even if you're not getting paid. Recycling helps to conserve energy and saves natural resources.

General Recycling

  • Clean out your refrigerator by removing all food items and wiping down the inside and outside, so it’s clean for transport.

  • Contact your local recycling centers and ask if they recycle scrap metal. If they do, ask about a refrigerator. Online resources such as Earth 911 and the Recycling Center also can help you find locations nearby.

  • Contact your city’s solid waste department if you can’t find a recycling center that accepts refrigerator scrap metal.

  • Call your electric company if you have no luck with your city government offices. Some electric companies recycle refrigerator scrap metal under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

  • Arrange for pickup of your refrigerator or transport it to the where you will recycle it. You will likely need a truck or large van for transport.

Scrap for Cash

  • Check the website of the company that manufactured your refrigerator. They may have a scrap-metal recycling program that pays you for returning the appliance. Contact them directly through e-mail or by calling for more information.

  • Call the Steel Recycling Institute at 1-800-876-7274, ext. 201 or use their online locator to find places that are willing to pay cash for your refrigerator.

  • Contact places that recycle scrap metal to find out how much money you can get for the refrigerator scrap metal.

  • Transport your refrigerator to the location offering the most cash.


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