How to Make a New Homepage

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Making a new homepage may help you become significantly more productive while using an Internet browser. Many users rarely make a new homepage, because their browser comes with a default homepage. Making a new homepage is different for each browser, however setting a new homepage takes less than a minute.

  • Right-click your browser's icon on your desktop and select "Open."

  • Navigate to the web page you would like to make your homepage.

  • Click on "Tools" on your browser's toolbar and click "Internet Options" for Internet Explorer browsers. Select "General" on the tab bar and click "Use Current." For Mozilla Firefox, click "Tools" on the toolbar and click "Options." Select "Use Current" under the box labeled "Homepage." For Safari browsers, click on "File" on the toolbar and select "Preferences." Select "General" on the tab bar and click "Use Current."

  • Click the "OK" button for all three browsers to apply the changes and exit out of the options window.


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