How to Download Music With Orbit

Downloading your favorite promotional and license-free music can be difficult if you do not always know where to find it. While you could invest further research time into locating the download source of your favorite songs, you may also download them from streaming sources with Orbit Downloader. Use Orbit Downloader anywhere music is embedded online, such as social networking websites, musician official web pages and promotional blogs.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows NT or later
  • Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera or Maxton web browser
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    • 1

      Download and install Orbit Downloader onto your personal computer.

    • 2

      Run Orbit Downloader.

    • 3

      Visit a web page containing streaming music from your computer's web browser.

    • 4

      Hover your mouse pointer over the streaming music's player to reveal the Orbit "GetIt" button. Click the "GetIt" button.

    • 5

      Press the media player's "Play" button. Doing so allows Orbit Downloader to record the music in real time.

    • 6

      Click the recorded song's checkbox in the Orbit Downloader utility's "GetIt" pane. Click the "Download" button to download the song onto your computer.

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