How to Make Fantasy Fairy Dolls


Fairies have been a treasured part of Western folklore for centuries and continue to enchant us to this day; the longstanding tradition of rendering fairies in art has been passed on to modern doll makers. A popular medium for fairy dolls is polymer clay, an oven-hardened craft material whose vibrant colors, consistency and semitranslucent textures can capture the delicate features of a fairy.

Things You'll Need

  • Cellophane sheets
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Nail polish remover
  • Polymer clay
  • Cookie sheet
  • Doll hair
  • Tacky craft glue
  • Thin green fabric (such as silk)
  • Create the wings from cellophane. Either draw a wing shape freehand in permanent marker on the cellophane, or trace a clip-art shape, such as a butterfly wing. Add a thin, rectangular tab on the side of the wing that will attach to the fairy's back. Cut out the first wing, then flip it over and trace it to make the second wing as a mirror image. Cut this out as well. Remove any remaining marker ink from the wings using nail polish remover.

  • Form a rough star shape from clay. Roll about a quarter of a cup of beige or brown clay (for a flesh tone) into a ball between your palms, then hold this ball in the tips of your fingers in one hand. Position your fingers around the edge of the ball so they're evenly spaced, then press them into the clay; the indentations will form five protruding "arms."

  • Refine the star shape into the form of the fairy's body. Pull and squeeze the middle portion to form the torso. Shape the arms, legs and head by pulling them into the right angles, then pinching (to lengthen) or pushing (to shorten). If any section has two much or too little clay, tug pieces off and redistribute.

  • Shape the doll's face, hands and feet. Use the tip of a pin to help cut and shape facial features and to separate sections of clay to form fingers and toes.

  • Cut slots for the wings in the fairy's back using a pin or craft knife. Make them as tall as the tabs on the wings and slightly deeper than they are wide.

  • Pose the doll on a cookie sheet; however you position it will end up being the final shape after baking.

  • Bake the doll.

  • Glue the wings in place. Apply tacky craft glue to the tabs of the wings and insert them into the slots.

  • Add hair, gluing it to the fairy's scalp. Trim the excess hair to the length you want.

  • Give the doll some clothing. Cut pieces of green fabric about the size and shape of your pinky nail (they can vary somewhat) and glue them in layers over all areas of the fairy's body you want to cover, making it look like leaves sewn together.

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