How to Start an Indoor Baseball Business


Starting an indoor baseball business can be quite profitable. After all, in much of the United States most people can't play baseball outside for 6 months of the year because of the weather. Starting an indoor baseball business can fill that void for youth, high school, collegiate, and adult baseball players who want to keep their skills sharp in the off season.

Company Set-up

  • Form a corporation or LLC. Forming a corporation or LLC will allow you keep a separate set of business books aside from your personal balance sheet. This will allow you to do such things as limit your personal liability should someone get injured in the indoor baseball business, as well as take advantage of tax deductions that are available to businesses, but not to individuals. One such tax advantage is that businesses are allowed to either depreciate the value of equipment over time for a smaller tax deduction each year, or it can deduct the full price of the equipment for a larger tax deduction in the year the equipment was purchased. Go to the website for the Secretary of State in your state and follow the steps to incorporate.

  • Obtain a business license. Certain counties, cities and towns will require a business license before you open your doors. Contact the local government office and see what's require in order to obtain the license. The U.S. Government has set-up a website to help you learn what permits and websites you need to open your indoor baseball business based on it's location. Visit for more information.

  • Purchase insurance for your indoor baseball company. Find a company that specializes in insuring sports-themed business. Owning an indoor baseball business exposes the liability for players to be injured while training in your facility and you want to make sure that your business is covered for those unfortunate occurrences.

Indoor Baseball

  • Lease a large space. In order to operate a indoor baseball business you are going to need a fairly large space. From batting cages to pitching mounds, all of it will take up a large amount of room. Look for a place, such as an old warehouse, to lease to meet these requirements. Using a commercial real estate agent will help you narrow your search as well.

  • Buy indoor baseball equipment. From batting cages to pitching machines you're going to need some heavy-duty equipment that will stand the test of time. Use a baseball supply store that deals in professional grade equipment. Seek to lease the equipment first if the rates are decent in order to keep your start-up costs low.

  • Advertise your indoor baseball business. From local magazines to radio, find your audience and let them know your open for business. For instance advertising with a radio spot during local baseball team broadcasts, go to minor league parks and hand out fliers. Hiring an advertising agency that specializes in sports branding can also be helpful to let people know you're ready for business.

  • Reach out to the baseball community. Because you are opening an indoor baseball business, be sure you have a presence in the local baseball community. Whether it be sponsoring a part of Little League opening day, or donating some free gear to the local high school baseball team, weave yourself into the baseball community and grow your business.

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