How Do I Get Good Internet Service From Inside My RV?


If you are an RVer who either lives or spends a lot of time in your RV then chances are the Internet may be one of your only ways to access online banking, check email, and get directions if you are lost, to name a few things. However, finding a decent Internet connection that actually works inside your RV is not always easy. This is especially true while you are driving down the road. Fortunately, technology is starting to catch up and gives RVers a few options for getting good Internet access inside an RV.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone with ability to connect to Internet
  • Wi-Fi enabled laptop
  • Connection Kit
  • Cellular modem
  • Satellite dish antenna

Use Your Cell Phone To Connect

  • Purchase a connection kit from your cell phone provider.

  • Download and install the software from the connection kit to your laptop. This will include the dialer you need to connect to the Internet.

  • Connect your cell phone to your laptop's USB port.

  • Login to the dialer software and connect to the Internet. Your speed will be similar to dial-up so it may not be good for heavy Internet surfing. However, you can use this connection even when the RV is moving.

Cellular Data Modem Card

  • Purchase a cellular data modem card from your cell phone provider.

  • Add high-speed data services to your current cell phone plan. This is will add additional fees to your cell phone bill but will give you high-speed capability.

  • Plug the PC card modem into your laptop's PC card slot or USB port, depending on your cellular company.

  • Open the web browser of your choice and begin surfing the Internet. Another advantage of a PC card modem is that you can use it while your RV is moving.

Get Online Using Wi-Fi

  • Locate an area that is a wi-fi hotspot. Many campgrounds, coffee shops, and even bookstores have set up wi-fi transmitter antennas. As long as your laptop is wi-fi enabled, you can access the Internet if you are in a wi-fi hotspot.

  • Park your RV within a wi-fi hotspot. You have to be within a few hundred feet of the wi-fi antenna that is connected to the Internet. Although, you cannot connect to the Internet using wi-fi if your RV is moving.

  • Open your web browser and begin surfing the Internet.

Satellite Dish Antenna

  • Purchase a satellite dish.

  • Purchase high-speed satellite Internet service. The two main companies to purchase both the dish and the service from are Direcway and Starband. Installation can cost as much as $5,000 and is separate from the monthly service costs.

  • Open your favorite web browser and begin surfing the Internet at high speeds. Because your RV has to be in direct line of the satellite, you cannot access this type of Internet while your RV is moving.

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