How to Re-Ink a Deluxe Stamp


The process for re-inking a Deluxe self-inking stamp is very similar to the process for other stamp brands. There are two basic types of Deluxe stamps, which the owner must determine before re-inking, and both are quite easy to manage. Deluxe brand ink must always be used, as different ink formulations may damage the internal stamp pad and affect print quality. One ink refill may last for thousands of impressions, but stamps use very little ink. It is important to apply only four to six drops to the pad, or prints will appear smudged and heavy.

  • Determine where the ink pad is located on your Deluxe stamp. Side-mounted ink pads will be behind a plastic door, visible on the front of the stamp. Stamps with top-mounted ink pads will not have a visible side door.

  • Expose the ink pad refill holes on side-mounted units by pulling the door out of the stamp. Access the pad refill holes on top-mounted pad models by pulling the top cover of the stamp straight up and off.

  • Drop two to three drops of ink into each of the pad's two refill holes.

  • Push the pad into the stamp, or replace the top cover.

  • Allow the stamp to set for several hours, or overnight if the pad was extremely dry, and then do a test print.

Tips & Warnings

  • On top-mounted pad stamps, the stamp may be depressed slightly to allow easier access to the refill holes.
  • A pair of rubber gloves is optional, to prevent stamp ink form getting on hands.
  • A paper towel or waste paper may be placed on the work surface to catch accidental drips. The process is generally neat and clean, but accidents happen.
  • Don't allow stamps to go unused for long periods of time. Ink will evaporate, causing pads to dry out, which often requires pad replacement.
  • Don't store stamps on their side, especially after re-inking, as ink spill could result.
  • Follow all health warnings and precautions on the ink package.

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