How to Convert Headlights to Daytime Driving Lights


Daytime running lights (DRL) are a subject that brings up a lot of controversy. There are studies that "prove" both their effectiveness in reducing daytime driving accidents and those that "prove" they are ineffective. In many states and countries vehicles are required to have daytime running lights installed. This means that a control module is installed that triggers the low beams only on a vehicle as soon as the ignition is engaged. If you want to upgrade your car you can wire a DRL module easily provided you have the wiring schematics for your vehicle. Whether or not you believe they will help you drive safe, they will bring an additional discount from most insurance companies.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket set
  • Wiring diagram (for your make and model car)
  • Daytime Running Lights Control Module
  • Electrical pliers (with stripping and cutting capability)
  • Electrical tape
  • Philip's head screwdriver
  • Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.

  • Use the wiring diagram for your car to locate and disconnect the following wires from your fuse box: low beam headlights and the parking lights.

  • Connect the following wires from your daylight running lights control module to the wires you just disconnected from your fuse box. Connect the blue wire (the one without the inline fuse) to the low beam wire on your car. Connect the green wire from the control module to the wire leading to your parking lights. If need be, strip some insulation off the wires disconnected from the fuse box (do not use a terminal connector) and twist the bare ends of the wires together and wrap the splice in electrical tape. It does not matter the make of your control module, the colors of the wires coming off the module are an industry standard.

  • Connect the blue wire with the inline fuse from the control module to the accessory wire coming off the positive cable from your car's battery. The positive battery cable is actually two wires, the thicker cable (similar to the negative battery cable) and then a smaller number 12 wire coming off the terminal end that is designed for aftermarket connections, like the one you need for your DRL control module.

  • Ground the control module to the frame of your car. Attach the black ground wire from the module to a bolt or screw that is passing through the metal frame of the car. Make sure this connection is very tight, your control module will not work correctly with a lose ground.

  • Connect the gray wire from the control module to the fuse designated for your emergency brake lights on your fuse box.

  • Connect the red wire from the module to the ignition fuse in your fuse box. This will be what sends power to your DRL system once you have turned the car on.

  • Mount the DRL control module onto the firewall of your engine compartment by using a Phillips head screwdriver to insert the provided screw through an existing hole in the firewall or, remove a bolt or screw and then replace it after having run it through the small bolt hole in the frame of the DRL module.

Tips & Warnings

  • Call your insurance company as soon as you have your DRL control module installed. Most insurance companies will offer a discount on your premium for this added safety feature.
  • Daytime running lights do not replace good driving habits in insuring your safety. Obey all traffic rules and regulations, slow down when driving into the sun and maintain clean windows to reduce glare or you may have a serious accident.

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