How to Delete a Skype Account


To delete your Skype account, you must contact the Skype Customer Service team. It can take up to 30 days to close your account, but you can delete all personal information from the Skype profile immediately. Deleting this information prevents others from finding you in the Skype directory. People who already have your Skype name in their Skype Contacts list can send you instant messages or call you until Skype closes your account. Skype is owned by the Microsoft Corporation -- Microsoft acquired Skype on May 10, 2011 for $8.5 billion.

Closing the Skype account doesn't delete your Microsoft account.
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Step 1

Open your Skype Account page in a Web browser. Type your Skype name or email into the Skype Name or Email field and your password into the Password field. Click Sign In to log in to your account.

If you can't remember the login information, click the Problems Signing In link.
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Step 2

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Edit Profile link in the Settings and Preferences section to open your Profile page.

You can change your account settings by clicking the Account Settings link.
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Step 3

Click the Edit button in the Personal Information section to start editing your profile. You can edit any of the fields and change your personal information.

Click the Change Password button if you want to change the password.
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Step 4

Replace your first name and last name in the First Name and Last Name fields with random characters. Skype does not allow you to save the profile if any of the two fields are empty.

Delete everything from the rest of the fields. Choose Select Gender from the Gender box. Select Day, Month and Year from the three Birthday boxes. Optionally, you can change the Language and Country/Region settings.

Click Save to remove all personal information and save the changes.

The Your Profile Has Been Updated confirmation displays.
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Step 1

Open the Skype Customer Service page in your Web browser and log in to your Skype account using your Skype name or email.

Step 2

Select Deleting an Account from the Choose a Help Topic and Choose a Related Problem drop-down boxes. Click Next to proceed to the next step.

You can select other help topics, depending on your problem.
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Step 3

Click the Text Chat Support link to get in touch with a customer service representative. If you click Skype Community, you are redirected to the Skype Community page, where you can post your questions and get solutions from the staff and other community members.

A live chat representative is usually available in a few minutes.
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Step 4

Click the Start Chat button to start talking to a live chat representative. The chat starts in a new Web browser window. Ask the representative to delete your Skype account and then provide the information he requests. The Skype name is not deleted immediately; it may take up to 30 days before Skype closes your account.

You can cancel the chat by closing the new window.
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Tips & Warnings

  • You can unlink your Skype account from the Microsoft account by clicking "Account Settings" instead of "Edit Profile" in the Account Details section of your Skype Profile page and then clicking "Unlink" next to the Microsoft account.
  • You can't remove your Skype name from the Contacts lists of other Skype users. They can't, however, send you instant messages or call you after Skype deletes your account. People can't find your information in the Skype directory after you edit your profile.
  • Your Skype Credit is removed when you close the account.


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