How to Learn the Latest Dance Moves


Dancing is an evolving art that can be interpreted in different ways. To learn the latest dance moves, you must look at a variety of sources for inspiration, experiment with a few styles and make them your own. Four dances from down south---Swag Surfin, the Ricky Bobby, the Stanky Leg and the Halle Berry---are quickly becoming the latest craze.

Things You'll Need

  • Full-length mirror
  • Check out "Swag Surfin" online. It's a dance made popular by Fast Life Yungstaz, also known as F.L.Y., a rap group from Georgia. It's simple enough: you sway from left to right, varying in speeds. Add your own flavor by waving your arms, crouching low or even lifting one arm as if you're steering a car.

  • Do the Ricky Bobby. Brought to the mainstream by Dallas-based artist B-Hamp, the Ricky Bobby is another simple dance that's more about interpretation than the actual moves. The dance consists of a few main parts: swaying left to right three times, with your arms pointing in the direction of movement. Do just as the lyrics say at "Pose for the frame" and strike a pose. Dip afterward by bending your knees and swaying as you lean forward with each step. Your arms should mimic rowing motions.

  • Learn the Stanky Leg from the GS Boyz, another rap group from Texas. Think of it as this generation's Butterfly, the dance craze of the 1990s that involved turning your legs in and out. The Stanky Leg is similar but uses only one leg as you crouch and bounce with each leg turn.

  • Try the most glamorous dance of the bunch, the Halle Berry, popularized by Louisiana-based rapper Hurricane Chris. You bounce side-to-side, extending one arm in front of you as if you're holding a compact while your other hand dabs your face like you're putting on powdered makeup.

  • Practice. Once you're ready to start, prop a full-length mirror against the wall and mimic the moves step by step. There's no wrong way to do these moves once you have the basic attitude down. It's all about how you do them.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing. Dance in a club and use what you've learned. Recruit a friend to join you. Dancing is more fun in a group.
  • Stay at your level. Don't try advanced moves if you're not comfortable. Some moves are more difficult than they appear.

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