How to Get a Free Month of Xbox Live Gold

As an Xbox 360 owner, you have the ability to get up to 3 months of xbox live free. You just have to be willing to change your gamertag a few times. Just follow the steps listed below, and you'll be on your way to the world of online gaming with your friends in no time!

Things You'll Need

  • Xbox 360
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Xbox 360 Messaging Kit (optional but easier)
  • An Email Account


    • 1

      Think of a GamerTag to use with Xbox Live.

    • 2

      On your Xbox, go to "My Xbox" and select "New GamerTag."

    • 3

      Enter all the info they ask.

    • 4

      Any time they mention Xbox Live Gold Membership, say no. I know that's what we're trying to accomplish, but if you say yes, they'll want you to pay for it. Trust me.

    • 5

      Finally, after you've entered everything they want and turned them down for Gold Membership, it will tell you that you qualify for a month free of Xbox Live Gold. Now, at last, you get to say yes! Happy gaming!

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