How to Build Record Storage


The key to building record storage is to always remember that records need to be kept flat or have other records pressed against them, which reduces the chance that the record will warp over time. With this in mind, there are two basic types of storage you can build for record albums: a crate or a shelf.

Things You'll Need

  • For the crate: Five sheets of pine wood (or any wood) cut to the following dimensions: 15-in. wide by 10-in. high (2), 14-in. wide by 10-in. high (2) and 15-in. wide by 14-in. high (1); nails (or screws); a drill; and thick rope
  • For the shelf: 24 feet of pine boards cut to the following dimensions: two 2-ft by 6-ft boards and four 2-ft by 3-ft boards (one-inch thick), a 3-ft by 6-ft sheet of particle 1/4-in. thick particle board or pine, nails (or screws) and a tape measure

For the crate

  • Nail all sides of the crate together to form the box. Use the 15-in. by 10-in. pieces as the front and back of the crate and the 14-in. by 10-in. pieces as the sides.

  • Nail the 15-in. by 14-in. piece of wood to the bottom of the box.

  • Cut the rope into two one-foot pieces.

  • Drill two holes (in a horizontal line) approximately five inches from the top of the crate on each side of the box. Make sure the holes are large enough for the rope. These will act as handles for your record storage crate.

  • String one end of the rope into the box and tie a double knot. Tug on the loose end of the rope to make sure the knot is tight. Repeat on the other side of the rope to finish the handle.

  • Repeat step 5 on the other side of the box to finish the second handle.

For the shelf

  • Use a tape measure to measure one-inch from the top on both of the 2-ft by 6-ft boards.

  • Nail the top 2-ft by 3-ft shelf in to the two sideboards, one inch from the top.

  • Measure in three inches from the bottom of the sideboards.

  • Nail the bottom 2-ft by 3-ft shelf into the two sideboards of the shelf, three inches from the bottom.

  • Measure two feet up from the bottom of the sideboards and nail the next shelf in.

  • Measure two feet up from the shelf nailed into the sideboards in step 5 and add the third and final shelf to the storage case.

  • Nail the 3-ft by 6-ft pine board to the back to add stability to the shelf.

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