How to Convert Voice Mail to Text Email

Among the developing capabilities of cellular devices in the 21st century is the ability to convert your voice mails to text e-mails or text messages. Converting these voice mails will allow you to less noticeably check your messages during meetings or classes, and it can be a convenient tool for hearing-impaired users.


    • 1

      Enter the official website of the most popular voice-mail-to-text converting service, Phone

    • 2

      Sign up for its service with your contact information, mailing address, cellular provider information and credit card or payment information.

    • 3

      Complete your registration by clicking "Submit," and check your e-mail to receive the instructions to setting up your conversion.

    • 4

      Enter your phone's "Phone Settings," then "General," then "Call Settings" to make the voice-mail-to-text converting possible.

    • 5

      Enable your "Call Forwarding" in your "Call Settings," and have your unanswered calls forwarded to the number provided on the Phone Tag e-mail. After you miss a call that is directed to your voice mail, you will start receiving texts with your messages.

    • 6

      Open the text on your phone and read the message. Your text will often be sent only minutes after your voice mail would have appeared on your cell phone.

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