How to Make a Football Pinata


Nothing says party like a piñata and nothing says game day like a giant football. At your next tailgate party, this statement item will liven up the space and leave your guests smiling. Trust us, there isn't a more fun way to relieve a little football game tension than busting one of these open!

(Image: Kelly Smith)

Things You'll Need

  • Large pieces or sheets of cardboard 
  • Pen
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler
  • Masking tape
  • Crepe paper streamer, 3 rolls
  • Glue
  • String
  • Candy 
  • Confetti (optional) 

Step 1: Draw a Football

On a large piece of cardboard, draw a large oval shape similar to a football. Then cut it out and trace it onto a second large piece of cardboard so that you have two identical football shapes.

(Image: Kelly Smith)
(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 2: Cut Side Strips

Starting with a third large piece of cardboard, measure the middle point on the short edge of the cardboard and cut down the middle lengthwise (mine was 24 inches wide, so I cut it in half at 12 inches). Now you have two long strips to help create depth for your piñata.

(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 3: Bend and Attach Strips

Take each strip of cardboard and bend it gently to create a nice curve. Then bend one strip around one of the football-shaped ovals and tape the two pieces together every few inches. Repeat with the other strip until you have one giant-sized football.

(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 4: Don't Forget the Flap

A piñata needs candy! So don't forget to cut a flap on one end of the oval that you can flip up, fill with candy and tape shut later.

(Image: Kelly Smith)
(Image: Kelly Smith)


  • Secure the piñata to the degree the audience is capable of breaking it open. For example, if you are making this for a group of small children, then keep it loose with regular masking tape every few inches. If you want a bit more of a challenge, add more tape/stronger tape.

Step 5: Cut Fringe Decorations

Starting out with a roll of crepe paper streamer, create a fringe by cutting slits spaced 1/4 inch apart down the length of the streamer. Fringe scissors make this process a bit faster, but regular scissors do just fine. Continue to cut until the entire roll has been made into fringe.

(Image: Kelly Smith)


  • You don't have to stick to the traditional brown color for a football. Switch things up by choosing an unexpected paper color, or a color that complements your party's theme.

Step 6: Fringe the Piñata

Starting on the bottom of one side of the piñata, make a line of glue about 1/2 inch from the bottom and place a streamer (cut to size) onto the cardboard. Space the next strip about 1/2 inch above it, and continue gluing strips until the entire front and back are lined with fringe. Then turn the piñata to its side, and continue this process down the sides.

(Image: Kelly Smith)
(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 7: Tuck or Glue Stray Pieces

Fringe is really forgiving and can be tucked away or glued down if there are any pieces sticking out a bit, or you want to secure the edges without cutting anything away.

(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 8: Fill the Piñata

Add candy, toys and confetti into the opening you cut earlier, and then tape the flap shut before continuing to cover the flap with fringe.

(Image: Kelly Smith)
(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 9: Cut Holes for Hanging (Optional)

If you want to hang this piñata, you will need to poke a couple holes into the top. Un-tape the area of cardboard where you want the holes — this way you can easily poke holes with a pair of scissors and then thread the rope/string through for hanging. Once you have done this, tape the flap back up and continue adding strips of fringe until the area is covered.

(Image: Kelly Smith)
(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 10: Add the Details

What makes this piñata look different from a black egg is the white laces, of course! To make these, I just took five pieces of white streamer paper and glued them to the front in the typical football lace pattern.

(Image: Kelly Smith)
(Image: Kelly Smith)

Step 11: Party and Bust

Now comes the best part of all — letting people bust the piñata open and enjoy the rich spoils they find!

(Image: Kelly Smith)

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