How to Do a Brazilian Wax for Men


Years ago, the average man would've never dreamed of incorporating female grooming tips into their own hygiene ritual. However, years ago, there hadn't yet been the advent of the "metrosexual." Well, in the spirit of embracing that inner metrosexual, here's how to do a Brazilian wax while minimizing some of the pain associated with the procedure.

Things You'll Need

  • Pain killer
  • Numbing cream
  • Professional aesthetician
  • Waxing kit
  • Take a shower before heading to the salon. Since men are the sweatier sex, and after all you are headed to the aesthetician to remove a whole lot of hair, it's courteous to arrive well-groomed.

  • Ingest an anti-inflammatory pill about an hour before you go in for the wax.

  • Spread a numbing cream in the area that will receive the Brazilian wax. This will also help minimize the pain. A product called "No Scream" is a solid recommendation.

  • Apply a thin layer of warm wax to your nether regions and genital area.

  • Cover that wax with the appropriate strip or provided cloth.

  • Hold the skin taut. This is a major step within the process, as if you leave the skin loose you can do some serious damage as the aesthetician pulls. Most likely, they will ask for your assistance with this part of the procedure.

  • Close your eyes and grit your teeth because here comes the rip. Have the professional repeat this procedure until all hair has been removed from your nether region. This completes the Brazilian Wax on a man.

Tips & Warnings

  • Due to the sensitive nature of this procedure, allow a professional to earn their keep. It is very tough for a male to perform this on himself as he will never reach all parts of his body. Also, because of the thin nature of some of the skin in the male genital region, it is a good idea not to perform this procedure on your partner unless you are licensed.
  • Remember that you get what you pay for in life. Go to someone who has done many Brazilian Waxes on men before.
  • Make sure the professional takes great care around the scrotum and anus. These are the two most tender pieces of skin where hair will need to be removed.

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