How to Find Yoshi in "Super Mario Sunshine"


If you want to complete every level in "Super Mario Sunshine," you'll need to unlock Yoshi, Mario's faithful sidekick. With Yoshi, Mario can reach Shine Sprites he wouldn't have been able to otherwise. You'll need to head to Pinna Park in order to unlock Yoshi, but it's necessary to first unlock Bianco Hills, Gelato Beach and Ricco Harbor. You will also need to have collected at least 10 Shines.

  • Proceed to Episode 4 of Pinna Park, "The Wilted Sunflowers." In this episode, you'll have to defeat a group of Tamanokos that are endangering visitors.

  • Spray each egg with water until it hatches, then stand back and wait for the Tamanoko to jump at you. When it lands, its belly will be exposed. Jump up and perform a ground pound to defeat each Tamanoko. Once they are defeated the level is complete

  • Return to Delfino Plaza. You'll see a quick cutscene warning you that Shadow Mario is around.

  • Make your way into the plaza. As you go, you'll see a notification at the bottom of the screen telling you that Shadow Mario has been seen carrying an egg-like object.

  • Catch Shadow Mario in Bianco Square, next to the Grand Pianta Statue. When he sees you, Shadow Mario will start to run. Chase after him, spraying with the F.L.U.D.D.

  • Spray Shadow Mario until he falls down and is trapped under the egg. After he vanishes, you'll see a thought bubble appear above the egg with a picture of a bunch of bananas in it. This means Yoshi, inside the egg, is hungry for bananas.

  • Run to a fruit stand and grab a bunch of bananas. Take it back to the egg. The egg will hatch, revealing Yoshi. A window will appear telling you that you have now befriended him and that you should feed him using the "B" button.

  • Ride around Delfino Plaza to get the hang of Yoshi's controls. Pick up fruit with Yoshi's tongue using the "B" button. Different types of fruit will cause Yoshi to change color; experiment to see what different powers each color has.

Tips & Warnings

  • Watch out for the Pokeys while fighting the Tamanokos in Pinna Park. While not very dangerous on their own, they can make avoiding the Tamanokos' attacks more difficult. Destroy them first if they're a problem.
  • One thing Yoshi can't do is swim. Stay out of deep water while riding him or he'll vanish and you'll need to hatch him again.

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