How to Clean a Tub-and-Shower Valve


Proper maintenance of household utilities such as a tub-and-shower valve is important so you can avoid large replacement or repair bills in the future. If your shower or tub faucet leaks or if the pressure is uneven, you may need to flush the valve and make adjustments to the water flow. Below, you will find cleaning and maintenance tips that can help you fix issues you may be having with your tub-and-shower valve.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver (flat head or philips)
  • Replacement washers
  • Plastic hammer
  • Manufacturer's instructions and diagrams
  • The tub-and-shower valve is connected to the tub faucet and controls the flow of water to the shower head and to the faucet itself. Most people have a two or three valve system. Maintaining this valve can prevent water leakage inside walls, help you maintain proper balance between hot and cold water and prevent constant dripping.

  • If water constantly drips from your faucet, the washers may have to be replaced. This is fairly simple to fix. Remove the hardware from the faucet so you can inspect the washers. If they are cracked or missing, then you should replace them.

  • If you're experiencing problems with fluctuating water temperature when showering, if the water volume is not correct or there is a shortage of hot or cold water, the valve may be blocked. This can be fixed by removing the temperature handle and tap spindle and tapping it lightly with a plastic hammer. If this is unsuccessful, you may have to remove the spindle and rinse it out or let it soak in vinegar to remove any remaining matter.

  • Maintaining a clean tub-and-shower valve can help reduce water and energy costs over time.

Tips & Warnings

  • Inspect household utilities at least once a year for maintenance purposes.
  • If you suspect major repairs, contact a qualified plumber.

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