How to Get InuYasha Games

Fans of the Japanese series InuYasha can enjoy a variety of show-related games, including both online and in-home versions. InuYasha has released a trading card game, as well as arcade games, puzzles and online quizzes through which fans can test their knowledge. They can even test themselves to see which InuYasha characters they are most like.

Things You'll Need

  • Credit card (may be needed)


  1. Play Official InuYasha Games

    • 1

      Play a mobile game. An official InuYasha game, compatible with Brew and Java handsets, was released in 2005. The mobile game is widely available from hobby, anime and video game retailers. You can also find more information by visiting an official InuYasha website.

    • 2

      Get into the original English-language InuYasha trading card game. A Texas-based trading card manufacturing company launched an official InuYasha collectible card game in 2004, which has been updated over the years with additional releases.

    • 3

      Visit your local video game retailer and purchase or special order InuYasha video games. Avid InuYasha enthusiasts can get a variety of video games for a selection of consoles, including PlayStation, Nintendo DS, WonderSwan and Game Boy Advance. Stay abreast of future developments via any of the official InuYasha websites.

    Play InuYasha Games Created by Fans

    • 4

      Join an InuYasha fan forum, and link with other enthusiasts and sites on which you can access InuYasha trivia games and quizzes.

    • 5

      Perform a simple Internet search for "InuYasha games" to find a wealth of fan-run sites offering a wide variety of interactive, but unofficial, InuYasha-themed games and amusements. Many will offer you the opportunity to test your InuYasha knowledge against other fans.

    • 6

      Try something a little different. Full InuYasha costumes are available from a variety of online retailers, and you can play a role-playing version of an InuYasha game of your own creation. Also, keep in mind that some sites offer excellent selections of InuYasha toys and action figures for fans with active imaginations.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be wary of any Internet sites that ask you to pay to get InuYasha games on their pages. They may be violating copyright law by unlawfully charging third parties money to access material they do not own the rights to. Stick with free sites, unless you're ordering merchandise or games from an official InuYasha site.
  • Use good sense when buying online. Protect your credit card number when placing orders by wiping your web browser's cache and history clean after you receive confirmation that your order has been successfully processed.
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