How to Create a Web Page

How to Create a Web Page. With the tools now available on the Internet, it is easy to create a web page of your own. Whether you want a web page just for personal use or to advertise your business, it's all possible without having to hire outside help. You will dedicate some time to learning this new craft. But once you learn how to create a web page, you can create as many as you like.


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      Figure out what you want your web page to be about. Whether it's a business web page or a personal web page, you'll need to outline specifically what it will entail. For your first web page, keep the ideas simple and limit the scope of your new web page.

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      Register a domain name. Go to to find the domain name you will want to purchase. Make sure that the name of the domain matches with the idea you have for your web page. Enter the domain name on the main page of and press Go. The next page will tell you if the domain name is available. If it is, go ahead and register it--there is an annual fee to register a domain name. If the name is not available, choose another one.

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      Find a web hosting company. To simplify the process, you can just purchase hosting at A web hosting company is the company that will manage the server that your web page will be located on. If you'd like, you can compare prices for web hosting from various companies. Other reputable companies that provide affordable hosting are and After you have purchased your web hosting package, you are ready to create your webpage.

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      Download the CoffeeCup HTML Editor. The CoffeeCup HTML Editor will be what you'll use to create your web page. See the Resources section for more information.

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      Install and run the CoffeeCup HTML Editor. Once you have it open, read the tutorial section to get started and learn how to use the software. The CoffeeCup HTML Editor is easy to use, and you don't even have to know HTML to use the editor.

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      Design and create your web page using CoffeeCup. Follow the simple instructions and the process is very easy. Use the preview function to see what the web page will look like live on the Internet.

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      Upload your finished process to your web host. Using the instructions provided by your web hosting company, you will be able to upload your web page so that it is live on the Internet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not try to add too many graphics or other functions when designing your first web page. Keep it simple.
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