How to Use Your Soldiers in Ninety-Nine Nights


Unlike most hack-and-slash games, where it is either you versus the world or you and a small unit of bodyguards versus the world, Ninety-Nine Nights allows you to take command of two units of soldiers, each around 20-strong. Hardly an army, but it beats five bodyguards and it is a lot better than nothing! Now the only question is: What do you do with them?

  • Choose your soldiers. You are given a choice between four different soldier types: Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Pikemen and Archers.

  • Select Infantry if you expect to be fighting lots of small enemy units. Infantry are quick, can hold their own in a melee and are good all-round fighters.

  • Bring some Heavy Infantry if you expect an epic-scale melee or large enemies like Orcs and Trolls. Heavy Infantry are slow but very well-armed and armored. They tend to live the longest in normal battle conditions.

  • Take some Pikemen if you are attempting to hold an objective or you have had trouble with a level. Pikemen are good at defensive maneuvers and defensive strategies that help your character live longer.

  • Choose Archers if you enjoy a bit of strategy. Archers are a deadly tool when used effectively. They die quickly in melee combat, but they are the only ranged attack you will have. The trick is to tell them to wait (use one of the bumper buttons to have them hold position), then lure the enemy into their range and hold them there with your other unit (preferably Pikemen or Heavy Infantry).

  • Use the directional arrows to give your soldiers orders. This is quite easy. Pressing the "Up" arrow orders them to charge the enemy and pressing the "Down" arrow orders them to defend your character.

  • Use the bumper buttons to order your soldiers to hold position. This causes their icon (lower left, next to health and orb gauges) to turn into an LB or RB icon. To reactivate a unit, return to it and give it an order (up or down on the directional pad).

  • Bring along two units of Heavy Infantry if you are going into a level and have no idea of what to expect. This is the easy way to choose soldiers. Heavy Infantry hit the hardest and live the longest. If they get slaughtered and you lose the level, at least you'll know what you need to bring next time.

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