How to Get Many Smileys on "Girlsense"

Girlsense, a website where anyone can make an avatar and dress it up with different accessories, allows users to chat using the website's "Chat" feature. In a chat session, you can send a variety of emoticons, sometimes called "smileys," using the appropriate emoticon code and name. Several different smileys are available. If you haven't memorized them all, you can pull up a list of emoticon code, giving you access to all the smileys.


    • 1

      Select a user with whom you want to chat, then select "Chat."

    • 2

      Type "[emo" into the chat box, then press the "Down" arrow on your keyboard. A list of all available smiley face codes will appear, such as "emo:bubblegum;]."

    • 3

      Press the "Down" arrow again to scroll down the list of smiley options, then press "Enter" to select the emoticon you want. Repeat this process to select as many smileys as you want.

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