How to Get a Dress Off When the Zipper Is Stuck

How to Get a Dress Off When the Zipper Is Stuck thumbnail
Learn quick methods for fixing stuck zippers.

Stuck zippers on dresses and other garments can result in moments of panic, especially if you are in a dressing room or are about to attend a formal engagement. Rather than working up a sweat jumping and shimmying around -- in attempts to get the dress off -- have a friend, family member or store clerk help you remove it. Unless the zipper is defective, assorted home remedies can be used to dislodge it with minimum stress to you.

Things You'll Need

  • Bar soap
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Cotton swab
  • Wax crayon
  • Candle wax
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      Have a friend, family member or store attendant pull the dress up and over your head, or pull the dress down so you can step out of it. How close-fitting the dress is will determine whether or not this is a possibility.

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      Rub a bar of soap over the teeth of the zipper where it is stuck. Then use a back-and-forth motion to get the zipper moving. Pull the zipper down, once it is moving, to remove the dress. Have a friend, family member or store attendant perform this action, if you cannot get at the zipper by yourself. Liquid dish soap is another option. Use your finger or a cotton swab to apply it around the zipper.

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      Rub additional waxy substances over the stuck zipper, if the soap method fails. Use a piece of crayon or candle wax on the zipper to unstick the zipper teeth. Ask for assistance, if you cannot reach the zipper on your own.

Tips & Warnings

  • Run a lead pencil tip over the zipper as another method of dislodging it.

  • Gently pull at any fabric or threads caught in the zipper, to help get it moving again.

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