How to Get Videos From iBooth to Editor

The Apple iPhone and iPad include cameras which allow you to capture photos and video with the devices. iBooth is an application for the devices that allows you to add amusing effects to the files, such as kaleidoscope effects distorting the image. Mac users also have the desktop version Photo Booth to do the same thing. To add these files to a video editing software, you will need to connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC to synchronize the files on the device.

Things You'll Need

  • USB cable
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      Connect your Apple mobile device to your computer with the provided USB cable. Allow the device to synchronize with the computer so that the video and photo files are uploaded.

    • 2

      Open the folder containing the video files. Alternatively open the storage software such as iPhoto to view the files.

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      Open your video editor software. Drag and drop the video files from the storage folder into the window to add them to the video library for use in a video. Alternatively click on "File" and click on the option to "Import." Select the video file that you want to import.

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