How to Get the Chest in Zombies

In Call of Duty “World at War” and “Black Ops,” special zombie maps become available after the player has completed the main campaign missions. These maps pit a team of up to four players against waves of brain-eating zombies. Players score points by attacking zombies or rebuilding barriers, and these points can be spent on new weapons. The “Weapons Chest” or the “Mystery Box” is available on all maps and gives the player a random weapon for 950 points.


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      Load up the “Nacht der Untoten” map. In this level, the Mystery Box is in the room with “Help” on the door. Pay to open this door, walk through, and then turn left to the box.

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      Load up the “Verruckt” map. Here, the Chest is in the upstairs room on the east side of the map.

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      Start a new game on the “Shi No Numa” map. Open the stairs; then walk down and go through the doorway to the right. The Chest is now directly to your left.

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      Start a “Der Reise” game. Go down the hallway, and open any of the barriers to the balcony. Jump down, and you will be in an outside area where the Mystery Box is located.

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      Play a game on the “Kino Der Toten” map. Walk around the main lobby area where you start the game. The Mystery Box is somewhere in this room, available right from the beginning of the level.

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      Load up the “Five” map. Go down the elevator to the control room. Head down the stairs; then open the barrier that looks like police tape. This is another elevator. Use it to go down again. Go forward into the first room on your left, switch the power on, and then look around. The box is in a random location in this area.

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      Load up “Ascension.” The first location of the Weapons Chest is always the power room. To get there, open the door with the arrow that looks like a lighting bolt. Go up all the stairs, pay to open the door, then enter the room. The Weapons Chest is here.

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      Start a game on “Shangri-La.” Go through the room where the walls fall down. Go outside; then circle around the path and open the door to the tunnel. If the Chest is not in the tunnel, follow it through to the end where the waterfall is; then go through the waterfall and turn left. The Chest is here.

    • 9

      Play a game on “Moon.” Here, there is no set spawn point for the Chest. To get to it, you have to spend a lot of points opening doors and looking for it. Find a balance between buying weapons from the walls and leaving enough points to open doors, and then start exploring the map.

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