How to Frame a Frameless Painting

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Ornate wooden frames are usually appropriate for traditional looking paintings.

Many people get their paintings framed professionally, but this can be expensive and is often unnecessary for standard size paintings. You can buy a frame on your own and attach the painting, with readily available materials. This will save you money so you can buy even more art for your walls.

Things You'll Need

  • Frame
  • Frame clips
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      Measure the size of the painting. If the painting is not of a standard size, you may need to get it professionally framed. Make a note of the dimensions of the painting.

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      Purchase an appropriate frame from an art supply or frame store. If possible, bring the painting with you to the framing store, so you can pick a frame that looks right with the painting. At the frame store you'll find frames in many different styles and made from many different materials. You will need to pick colors that match your painting and decide whether or not a natural wood frame would look best. You might want to have an idea in mind before you go to the frame store to help you make your choice.

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      Purchase clips to hold the painting and the frame together. There will be a variety of options at the store. Offset clips will offer a more secure option but will require you to drill holes into the frame. Frame clips are easier and are meant to pop in and out.

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      Lay down the frame on a table with the front facing down. Insert the painting -- front facing down -- into the back of the frame.

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      Attach the clips to hold the painting in place.

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      Pick up the painting. If the painting has been installed correctly, it will stay in place when you hold the edges of the frame.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some people like to hang their paintings -- especially paintings on very wide stretcher bars, that give the painting a deep profile without a frame at all. This is perfectly valid and cheaper than purchasing a frame. Frameless paintings look better, however, if the sides are finished and painted

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