How to Make Character Tables on Proboards


ProBoards is an online website and forum design site that lets you create free and easily adaptable message boards and forums. One of the options in the program is to create character tables. Making these tables in ProBoards requires an understanding of the BBC programming language, which is similar to HTML. Create your character tables, including the columns and rows, and add any characters you want.

  • Select your "HTML" editing option from your ProBoards website, and begin typing the following code: "<table class="bordercolor" width="92%" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="1" align="center">". Replace "bordercolor" the width percentage, the cell padding, the cell spacing and the alignment, if you want to alter these options.

  • Press "Enter" to go to a new line of programming. Type "<tr>" to begin a new table row. Press "Enter" and type the following line of code: "<td class="titlebg" colspan="3">". Change the "colspan" number to create the number of columns per row. Press "Enter" to go down another line of code.

  • Type the following code after your preceding row: "<font class="titletext">Title Text</font>." Enter the title of your font in the "titletext" area, and enter the title instead of "Title Text." Press "Enter" and then type"</tr>" to end the title creation code.

  • Enter "<tr>" to create another table row. Press "Enter" and type "<td class="windowbg" width="33%">Cell 1</td>." Hit "Enter" and type "<td class="windowbg2" width="34%">Cell 2</td>." Continue to add rows this way until you have added all you want.

  • Type "</tr>" after you are done creating your table rows. Press "Enter" and then type "</table>" to finish creating your table. Save your code by hitting "Save" on the editor, and close it. View your site to see if your table was created how you wanted. If not, tweak the code as needed.


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