Wrangler Jeep V8 Conversion


Jeep Wranglers are popular off-road jeeps that can benefit from the power of a V8 when lifted and running large off-road tires. While a V8 conversion is a long and complex process, many aftermarket companies make many of the specialized parts needed to complete a conversion.

Wrangler Suitability

  • All three of the recent generations of the Jeep Wrangler (The YJ, TJ and the current JK) make for good swap candidates. Of the three, the TJ is the best option, since it is equipped with the multi-link coil suspension and a large engine bay.

Possible Engines

  • The large engine bay of a Jeep Wrangler allows for a variety of GM or Mopar engines to be installed. The GM LT and LS series engines remain the most popular choice due to excellent aftermarket adapter and wiring harness availability, but Chrysler's own 4.7 liter V8 and Hemi V8 engines also have been used.

Emissions Factors

  • Keep in mind that for California, engine swaps may be performed only from a donor car with the same model year or newer as the Jeep. Therefore performing a swap on a late-model JK Wrangler will be extremely expensive since an older donor car will not be an option.


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