What Does a Yellow Root Plant Look Like?


The yellow root plant is a perennial that belongs to the ranunculaceae family and its Latin name is Hydrastis Canadensis.


  • The plant has a straight 6 to 12 inch stem with as few as two to three leaves. The leaves have three to five tooth-edged lobes and grow opposite to each other. The plant produces small green, white or rosy flowers at the end of its stem in May.


  • The fruit of the yellow root plant looks similar to a raspberry with a number of tiny two-seeded compartments.


  • The part of the plant which is used are its roots or rhizome. A rhizome is the root-like structure beneath any plant. The roots of the plant are knotty and have long fibers growing out of them. They are a bright yellow color on the inside.

Common Names

  • Yellow root is also known by many other names such as jaundice root, goldenseal, eye root, eye balm, yellow puccoon, orange root, turmeric root, ground raspberry, Indian plant, and Indian turmeric.

Medicinal Uses

  • Yellow root strengthens the immune response and fights fungi, viruses, and bacteria directly. It has been used traditionally to fight throat infections and digestive tract infections. It is also used as eyewash, as an antibiotic for urinary tract infections, and for destroying warts.

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