What Are the Health Benefits of Rice Vinegar?


Rice vinegar, which is made directly from either black or brown rice, is used extensively in cooking and curative medicine. It is recognized for its ability to kill harmful bacteria and promote a healthy life.

Brown Rice Vinegar Sustains Good Health

  • Brown rice vinegar maintains good health by blocking two fatty peroxides from forming. One of these peroxides damages the free radicals in your body while the other facilitates cholesterol buildup on the walls of blood vessels. Both of these peroxides are prevented from doing damage by the amino acids in brown rice vinegar.

Brown Rice Vinegar as an Antiseptic

  • Brown rice vinegar is used in antiseptic medicines and can be used to cure athlete's foot. Brown rice vinegar has the potential to kill detrimental bacteria, such as those found in food, on contact.

On Black Vinegar and Thinning Blood

  • Black rice vinegar, known as black vinegar or kurosu, has blood-thinning properties and also has the ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Black Vinegar and Energy

  • Black vinegar boosts energy levels as it is a good source of citric acid---a compound crucial to the cell's production of energy.

Rice Vinegar and Lactic Acid Buildup

  • The amino acids in brown rice vinegar negate the lactic acid buildup in the blood which causes fatigue, irritability, stiffness and inflamed muscles. Lactic acid buildup can also lead to diseases.

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