Dice Basketball Game Rules


While it might not be as fun as playing the real thing, a game of dice basketball can make for some exciting and close contests. It's a game for two players that requires eight dice, a sheet of paper and a pen.


  • A scorecard for dice basketball is similar to one for baseball. You need two lines, one for each player's name, and six boxes to the right of the names. Four of the boxes are the quarters of the game. The middle boxes and end boxes are for halftime and final scores.

Play and Scoring

  • The player listed on the top line goes first. For each quarter, players roll all eight dice. They remove the two lowest-scoring dice and add the rest together for their scores for that quarter.


  • After two quarters are played, players add their quarter totals together and enter the totals in the halftime box. The player with the lower score goes first in the second half.


  • After the final two quarters are played, players add up all of their points for their final scores. If they are tied, they play an overtime period. For overtime, only four dice are rolled and the entire total is entered. More overtimes are played if totals remain tied.


  • Some players use all eight dice for their scores throughout the game, opting for a more high-scoring contest.


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