How Much Are Silver Coins Worth by the Ounce?


Whether you want to collect silver coins as a hobby or as a hedge against economic uncertainty, knowing how much they are worth according to their silver content will help you avoid paying too much.

Metal Purity

  • U.S. silver dollars, half dollars, quarters and dimes made before 1965, and silver state quarters, are 90 percent pure silver.

Silver Content

  • Pre-1965, silver dollars contain 0.7734 troy oz. of silver. Half dollars contain 0.3617 troy oz. Quarters contain 0.1808 troy oz. Dimes contain 0.0723 troy oz.

Coin Values

  • To calculate a coin's silver value, multiply its silver content by the spot price of silver. Based on a hypothetical spot price of $14 a troy ounce, a 90 percent silver dollar would be worth $10.83.


  • American Silver Eagle bullion coins, produced by the U.S. Mint since 1986, contain 1 oz. of 99.9 percent pure silver. The noncollectible version sold by coin dealers would be worth $14 based on the hypothetical spot price above.


  • Depending on rarity and condition, many silver coins command a collector's premium that far exceeds their silver value. Dealers charge a small premium even for noncollectible silver coins, commonly called "junk silver."


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