Coral Calcium Side Effects


Coral calcium, which comes from coral reefs and shells, is a popular form of calcium that many believe to be more beneficial than other forms of calcium. But some of the negative coral calcium side effects are causing people to rethink what type of calcium supplement they need to take.

Mystery Minerals

  • Because coral calcium comes from the sea, it's laced with other trace elements and metals from the water around it. Studies show that some coral contains trace levels of strontium, manganese and even uranium--all elements that are bad for you.

Other Contaminants

  • Coral and seashells are porous materials, so they absorb much of what is in the water around them, including pollutants.


  • While most experts agree that there is no evidence that coral calcium is better for your than other types, marketing efforts appear to have won out over science. So this coral calcium side effect may surprise you: a month's worth of coral calcium supplements will set you back an average of $30--about three times more than the average of other forms.

Environmental Side Effects

  • Much of the coral used in coral calcium supplements is harvested from live coral reefs. Some companies say they only harvest dead coral. But a lot of the harvesting is done in Japan, where enforcement of rules and regulations has been spotty at best.

The Verdict

  • The bottom line is that the coral calcium side effects seem to outweigh the claims that this form of supplement is better than any other. Most doctors will tell you that it doesn't matter what kind of calcium supplement you take, as long as you're getting the correct dosage. It's probably better for your health, your wallet and the environment to choose a different form of calcium, like calcium citrate.

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